Thursday, May 1, 2008

About This Site

This is not one of the first blogs dedicated to the DLF Indian Premier League. This site also does not claim to be the source for all match reports, scorecards, previews and reviews in the IPL.

But this promises to provide sharp, insightful, subtle analysis, the writing between the lines and what is hidden under the big picture. This blog promises to be the best resource for the true, ardent cricket who looks beyond the obvious.

About the IPL:
I suspect Mr. Lalit Modi came up with the concept of IPL - for several reasons, none of them being the general welfare of Indian or World cricket. But regardless of the intentions, the end-product is cool. IPL has revolutionized cricket in India. It has drawn the passion and captured the imagination of the very young nation like very few things can. The combination of cricket and Bollywood has proved to be lethal destroying all other competition from all other entertainment forms.

The design of the IPL has several flaws, yet it has been able to tide over all of these. It is a hundred times better than the Indian Cricket League (ICL) which ironically, was in my opinion the immediate provocation for Mr. Modi to come up with this baby.
As of today, Chennai Super Kings seems to be in a league of its own with the seven other teams fighting it out for three semifinal slots. The teams led by the four oldies - Ganguly, Laxman, Tendulkar and Dravid are piled at the bottom of the table.

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