Monday, February 16, 2009

Modi Barks !

Lalit Modi has THREATENED to take away IPL matches from his home city Jaipur. I face such a quandary here - on the one hand I hate Modi, on the other hand I love his product. I wonder if Warney and the others can stand up against Modi and say they want to play in Jaipur and nowhere else. Ah I wish !

What do you guys think ?


Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

Correct me if i am wrong.. Rajasthan Royals chose Mumbai for making more money.. Also he has said only if the local association raise any roadblocks for conducting IPL matches..

- Robin

jairam said...

I am sure this is just Modi's way of getting back at the RCA which is diiging into his very murky dealings. I don't think the IPL should allow the change, but then I also feel the IPL may be running into stormy weather, wonder how this product will stay afloat when the whole world economy is in a nosedive.

Gaurav said...

Rajasthan Royals have decided to play the FINAL in Mumbai - they have a choice to pick the venue for the final.

But their league games will come in their catchment area - i.e. Jaipur and if required Ahmedabad. Modi seems to want to force them to move out of Jaipur.

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