Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IPL Schedule ?!?!

We are presumably less than a 100 days away from the proposed start of the IPL and yet Mr. Modi hasn't found time from his egoistic fights with his own people in Jaipur, and with the members in Cricket Club of India and with just about anyone on the planet .... to come up with a SCHEDULE !

We don't know when the first game will be played, we don't know who will host it and we have only a very sketchy idea about the finals ! Talk about not caring about the consumers !

I raise this at this point - because Cricinfo has just announced that they are looking for volunteers who will be in stadiums to report on IPL matches - they will be given tickets sponsored by Cricinfo - all you need to do is send them a couple of paragraphs about yourself and tell them what matches you plan to attend. How Cricinfo expects people to know of their plans before the schedule is announced - I don't really know.

Meanwhile I will most likely not be in India during the IPL this year but if only this was last year ...


Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

Could you provide the url link for Cricinfo announcing that they are looking for volunteers..

- Robin

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